Handcrafted sweets for all occasions

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Decorated Cookies

Our cookies aren’t just beautiful, they are delicious too! We can make a beautiful set to match the theme and colors of your celebration. Take a look at our options!

Artisanal Chocolates

NEW!!! For all chocolate lovers, our Bonbons are handcrafted with the best quality chocolate and filled with the most delicious fillings. We have a seasonal selection of flavors and colors but you can customize your own for your special celebration.

French Macarons

These delicious French delicacies will make your guests come back for more! Choose from our variety of fillings.


They are simply decadent! We have many decorations and frostings to choose from, and we also offer cupcake toppers and holders to match your theme.

Petit Fours

These delicious bite-size cakes will make your special day even more memorable. We have different flavors to choose from and we can match the color of your theme.

Hot Cocoa Bombs

The most delicious and popular treat for the cooler months. A chocolate shell filled with Cocoa Powder and marshmallows. When combined with hot milk an irresistible explosion of flavor will warm your soul.

All our sweets are made in small batches and handcrafted using the best ingredients.