Our Cookies

Our cookies are hand made from scratch, using fresh ingredients to ensure they taste as good as they look. Each cookie is decorated by hand, and we do our best to make the prettiest cookies that are sure to impress your family and friends.

We work with you to customize your cookies to match the theme of your special celebration. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, baby shower, gender reveal, anniversary or 'just because', we'll work with you to create cookies that are both memorable and delicious.

We have several types of cookies and pricing varies depending mainly on the amount of work required to decorate each cookie and the number of colors used. We have a minimum of 2 dozen cookies per order. Please take a look at some examples of each category and contact us if you have any questions. For pricing information click here.


Basic cookies include up to 4 different cookie designs per dozen, up to 3 colors (other than white) and basic details.


Detailed cookies include up to 4 different cookie designs per dozen, up to 4 colors and details such as writing or simple characters.


Elaborate cookies are much more detailed and take much longer to decorate. They include up to 4 different cookie designs per dozen, up to 5 colors, more design options and details such as metallic colors.


Character cookies are extremely detailed and require the most amount of time to decorate. Each dozen includes 4 character cookies and 8 theme related cookies.


NEW! We can now print any logo or image on cookies. Just send us your logo or image in high resolution and we'll print it on a cookie!!


Paint-Your-Own cookies are only available during certain holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day and Easter. Please contact us if you would like a custom set of PYO cookies for your child's party.