Easter Options


Chocolate Egg with minis

Large 5.5-inch Chocolate Easter Egg is filled with 4 mini cookie eggs, 4 mini chocolate eggs and 2 mini chocolate bunnies.

Chocolate Egg with minis

Medium 4.25-inch Chocolate Easter Egg filled with 3 mini cookie eggs and 1 mini chocolate .


Chocolate Bunny with mini Eggs

This cute set includes 2 mini chocolate bunnies, 2 mini cookie eggs and 2 mini chocolate eggs. 


Chocolate Pops

These chocolate pops make a great addition to an Easter Basket. Choose from a cute Bunny or an Easter Egg. 

Paint-your own Cookies

The kids' favorite treat! Each 4-inch  cookie includes a cookie color palette and a paintbrush. 

Paint-your-own Easter Eggs

This set includes 3 cookie eggs and 3 food markers.


Bunny Box 1

Cute Bunny box includes 1 Paint-your-own cookie, 1 chocolate bunny pop and 1 chocolate covered sandwich cookie.


Bunny Box 2

Cute Bunny box includes set of 3 paint-your-own cookie eggs, 1 chocolate bunny pop and 1 chocolate covered sandwich cookie.  


Chocolate covered cookies

The popular sandwich cookie is covered with chocolate for the most decadent treat. It's a perfect addition to an Easter basket. 

Cookie Decorating Kit

LaThe most fun and delicious activity for kids. The kit includes 12 cookies, 4 icing colors and sprinkles. 

Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt

Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt - $25

Make this year's egg hunt more fun with this scavenger egg hunt. Each kit includes pre-filled eggs, clues and prizes. Also included, instructions for parents and recipe for a Bunny Punch to pour into drink pouch.
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