Our Chocolates are made with the best quality Belgian Chocolate. All our chocolates and cookies are hand crafted.


Chocolate Egg with minis   $25

Large 5.5-inch Chocolate Easter Egg is filled with 4 mini cookie eggs, 4 mini chocolate eggs and 2 mini chocolate bunnies.

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Chocolate Egg with minis   $15

Medium 4.25-inch Chocolate Easter Egg filled with 2 mini chocolate eggs, 1 mini cookie egg and 1 mini chocolate bunny.

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Chocolate Bunny with mini Eggs   $10

4.5-inch Chocolate Bunny and 4 mini Chocolate Eggs.

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Small Chocolate Eggs and Bunny   $10

Two small 2.25-inch Chocolate Easter Eggs and One 2.5-inch chocolate bunny.

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Chocolate mini Eggs   $10

8 mini Chocolate Eggs in assorted colors.

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Chocolate Bunny Eggs and Bunnies   $12

3 2-inch Chocolate Bunny Eggs and 3 mini Bunnies in a variety of colors.

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Chocolate Lollipops   $3/each

Delicious Milk Chocolate lollipops in assorted patterns. 2-inch diameter.

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Chocolate Bunny Lollipops   $3/each

Delicious Milk Chocolate Bunny lollipops in assorted colors. 2-inch tall.

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Chocolate Puzzle  $15

The most fun and delicious activity for kids. A real puzzle made of chocolate!!!

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Add a Bunny Box for your sweets   $2.50

Select this cute Bunny Box to present your sweets. The box measures 4″x4″x6″. 3 colors to choose from: green, pink or blue.

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Paint-your-own Cookies   $6/each

The kids’ favorite treat! Each 4-inch cookie includes a cookie color palette and a paintbrush.

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Cookie Decorating Kit  $30

The most fun and delicious activity for kids. The kit includes 12 cookies, 4 icing colors and sprinkles.

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