NEW! We can now print photos, logos or images on cookies. Just send us your logo or image in high resolution and we’ll print it on a cookie!!

Just like our custom decorated cookies, our printed cookies are hand made from scratch, using fresh ingredients to ensure they taste as good as they look.

We can print photos and graphic images such as logos and characters. We achieve this with the use of an edible ink printer. The result and quality of printed cookies cannot be achieved by hand.

We have a minimum of 1 dozen cookies per order. For pricing information click here.

For printed cookies only: we offer discounts for quantities of 100 or more cookies. Please contact us for more information.

Logos and Graphics

There is no better way to achieve great quality for logos than to print them. Just send us your company or college logo in high resolution and we’ll print it on a cookie!! 

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We can print photos and combine them with other custom decorated cookies to complete a beautiful set of cookies. To achieve the best print quality, your photo must be in high resolution. 

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Mini Cookies

Printed mini cookies are a great for party treats and corporate events. They are 1.5″ to 2″ in size. Minis are printed in circle or square cookies.

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Packaging and labels

We can wrap your cookies individually in cellophane bags. In addition, we can add a tag which can be particularly important for companies, as they can display logos and contact information.

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